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File Student Guide
Speechnotes - Speech to Text Page Speechnotes instructions

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Social Networking URL What is social networking and how does it work?
URL How to stay safe when social networking
URL Explanation of privacy on Facebook
Digital Identity File Your Digital Identity

Your Digital Identity is everything you create on the Web, but also what other people might say about you there. Photographs on social networking sites, logs of chatroom conversations, newspaper articles about your role in a play, or your sporting victory. Even if you don't post material to the Web yourself, there is a good chance somebody else does, and we believe it is worth knowing about some of the issues. This workbook is designed to help you raise your level of awareness and to think about some of the ways your DI might be affected.

File This is me - Your online presence

This is me - Your online presence

File Digital Identity for Health Professionals

Digital Identity for Health Professionals, thinking about working as a Health Professional? Read this document to find out how your digital identity may affect your employment.

File Keeping yourself safe online
Email URL GAME: Safe to open?
Chatrooms and Instant Messaging URL About chatrooms
URL GAME: The ASL files
URL GAME: Who's your buddy?
URL How to keep safe while chatting online
Cyberbullying URL What is cyber-bullying?
URL Cyber Mentors .org
URL Cyber-bullying (
URL Types of cyberbullying
Mobile Phones URL Staying safe with your mobile phone
URL Sexting
Exams File Referring to Exams/Assessments on the Internet

Make sure you are aware of the protocols for sharing information via social media regarding Exams, Assessments and Coursework for all accredited qualifications

Leaders Unlocked File Guidance notes
File Application Form
File Parental consent form

If you are under 18, you will need to ask a parent/guardian/carer to complete the parental consent form